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Beautiful magnetic stand turns iPad into iMac

Make your iPad into an iMac with Elago's beautiful magnetic stand
Your iPad can also be a stylish iMac mini with this stand.
Photo: Elago

The Elago Magnetic Stand for iPads lifts the tablet up and does so beautifully. It closely mimics the design of the iMac, making the iPad into a small desktop.

Most iPad stands offer a very limited selection of colors — perhaps only silver. Elago’s comes in a range of them, including pink.

Stand up and take notice

An iPad takes care of your email, web browsing and social networking needs. Why stop there? Add a keyboard and mouse/trackpad and it can be all the computer you need.

But making a tablet into a desktop requires a good stand. Something like the Elago Magnetic Stand for iPads.

Attach a magnetic ring included with the stand to the tablet and the iPad will cling tightly to magnets the stand. But it can also be removed with a twist and tug. Elago’s Magnetic Folio Case ($26.99) does not interfere with the connection.

A hinge allows the iPad to swivel to point toward the user, making it easy to see the screen whether you’re typing an email to your boss or watching a TikTok video.

As for the rest of the design, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If so, then Elago is sincerely flattering the design of the 24-inch iMac’s built-in stand. Combined with an iPad, some people are likely to wonder when Apple started selling an iMac mini.

Elago Magnetic Stand for iPads in sand pink
Elago Magnetic Stand for-iPads is pretty in pink.
Photo: Elago

Apple’s all-in-one comes in an array of colors, and so does the Magnetic Stand. It’s available in blue, dark gray, light gray and sand pink. Not surprisingly, Elago offers the Magnetic Folio Case in these same colors.

So make your iPad into an iMac mini with the Elago Magnetic Stand. The cost is $110.99, and it’s available starting today.

Buy from: Cult of Mac store

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