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Punch up productivity and gaming alike with new feather-light mouse

Keychron's new M3 wireless mouse weighs just 79 grams.
Keychron’s new M3 wireless mouse weighs just 79 grams.
Photo: Keychron

Best-known for keyboards, Keychron rolled out its new ultra-lightweight M3 wireless mouse Tuesday, touting its strong build and robust features for Mac users and others.

“To accompany it, we have designed the smallest Type-C 2.4 GHz receiver for M3, which is compatible with MacBook and other laptops,” Keychron said.

And at $49, the svelte new optical mouse is affordable, too.

Keychron M3 wireless optical mouse

The new M3 mouse’s key selling points are a strong build and plenty of features despite its ultra-lightweight design, according to Keychron. The mouse is the company’s second, following the M1’s release in late 2021.

Designed for workplace productivity as well as precise gaming movements, the mouse weighs just 79 grams, or about 2.8 ounces.

“Designers, programmers and people who play games seek lightweight, competitive-grade mice for productivity and peak performance,” said Paul Tan, Keychron’s COO. “The trouble is, many models aiming for high productivity are heavy and not powerful enough.”

“We believe we’ve hit the sweet spot with M3,” Tan added.

Keychron M3 features:

  • Stable, low-latency wireless connectivity. The mouse upports 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth 5.1. It comes with two types of receivers — USB-C and USB-A — offering flexibility in port arrangement and pairing. And  a detachable, flexible paracord USB cable is included.
  • Light but strong. Equipped with a 3395 sensor chip, the M3 offers DPI up to 26,000 and the IPS up to 650, which helps users with control.
  • Ergonomic design. A curved design with a grip pattern helps with comfort over extended use.
  • Customization options. Keychron software driver allows for personalization, like modifying keys, setting shortcuts, customizing RGB lighting effects and setting dedicated macros. It offers professional settings for LOD, polling rate buttons, external DPI and more. The Keychron Software Driver supports Windows 11 and Windows 10 (macOS will be available in June).
  • Performance. With a 1,000Hz polling rate, M3 follows the hand without any latency, Keychron said.
  • Long battery life. You can use the mouse for up to 61 hours on a single charge.

Price: $49

Where to buy: Keychron

Source: Keychron

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