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Rock on with Marshall’s rugged new flagship Bluetooth speaker

Legendary in rock’n’roll history for its Marshall stacks of amplifiers, the English company recently added a rugged Bluetooth speaker to the top of its growing lineup — the Middleton.

Like Marshall’s other portable wireless speakers — which all have proper English names, by the way — it looks like a guitar amp.

And this top-of-the-line number not only “goes to 11,” but it’s weatherproof and features multidirectional sound, too.

Marshall Middleton Bluetooth speaker

“Carry the loudest Bluetooth speaker for home and outdoors in your hand,” Marshall said about the Middleton on its website.

As the top box in the company’s portable wireless speaker line, Middleton is a little bigger than the others, but not by much. You can carry it in one hand and fit it in a knapsack.

If offers a rugged build (IP67 dust and water resistance) and more than 20 hours of playtime on a full charge. Charging takes 4.5 hours, but you can get 2 hours of play off a 20-minute charge, the company said.

‘Stack mode’

You can have Jimi Hendrix moment by stacking Middletons, if you like.
You can have a Jimi Hendrix moment by stacking Middletons, if you like.
Photo: Marshall

It also lets you pair two Middletons for true stereo sound, or even connect a bunch of them for a wall of sound. Marshall calls that “stack mode.” And it appears there’s no limit to the number of Middleton speakers you can connect.

Marshall ‘True Stereophic’ sound

Middleton takes advantage of True Stereophonic, Marshall’s multi-directional, immersive stereo sound that the company has compared to spatial audio.

The speaker’s dynamic drivers cover a frequency range of 50Hz to 20,000Hz. The drivers include two 3-inch 15W woofers, two 3/5-inch 10W tweeters and two passive radiators.

You can use controls on the speaker to adjust playback, bass, and treble, or do it using a companion app from Zound Industries. That’s the Swedish company that designs and build’s Marshall’s speakers.

Price: $299.99

Where to buy: Marshall

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