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Protecting Your Ears at Gigs: AirPods Adaptive Audio Could be the Solution

  • Apple’s AirPods Adaptive Audio feature is the latest in active noise cancellation and transparency modes.
  • Live music concerts can cause both temporary and permanent hearing damage.
  • Apple’s AirPods Adaptive Audio could be the best solution when listening to live music.

Apple’s AirPods Adaptive Audio is a feature that allows external sounds that you want to hear, like someone speaking to you, to come in while blocking out unwanted noise, such as vacuum cleaners or Coldplay albums. Adaptive Audio could be a great solution when attending live music concerts as it has the potential to prevent hearing loss.

Live music concerts often reach volume levels that can cause both temporary and permanent hearing damage. According to the CDC, after leaving a very loud event, such as a concert or football game, people can experience muffled sound, ringing in their ears, and temporary hearing loss that can last for a few hours or days. Repeated exposure to loud noises can cause permanent hearing loss over time.

AirPods Adaptive Audio has the potential to reduce the risk of hearing loss at live concerts, as it blocks out loud noises while allowing in desired external sounds. This way, people can still enjoy their favorite bands and musicians without having to worry about losing their hearing. Adaptive Audio could be the future of hearing protection at gigs.

AirPods Pro 2 could be a great alternative to traditional noise-isolating in-ear monitors for musicians playing on stage. A recent test by Tom’s Guide showed that the existing Adaptive Transparency mode was able to lower the sound level exposure to the 75-85 decibel range. Concert photographer also reported similar positive results. Apple is set to release a new Adaptive Audio mode later this year, which should provide the same level of protection as Adaptive Transparency, but with better sound clarity. Don’t miss out on this amazing feature!

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