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Comparing Beats Studio Pro vs AirPods Max – Design, Features, and Battery Life

  • Beats Studio Pro has Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency Mode & Spatial Audio support.
  • AirPods Max offer personalized spatial audio with dynamic head tracking.
  • Beats Studio Pro has 40mm driver renowned for minimizing distortion.
  • AirPods Max has nine microphones in total for Active Noise Cancelling.

Apple has released the Beats Studio Pro headphones with Active Noise Cancellation and other features, and the AirPods Max, which hasn’t been updated since 2020. Taking inspiration from the Beats Studio3 headphones, the Beats Studio Pro ships with leather ear cushions and metal sliders. Here’s how the new Beats Studio Pro stacks up against the aging AirPods Max in terms of design, main features, and battery life.


The Beats Studio Pro carries forward the signature Beats design language, typically a modern, urban aesthetic. The branding is unmistakable, with the iconic Beats logo on the ear cups. These headphones are 7.1 inches in height and 7.0 inches in length and have a width and weight of 3.1 inches and 9.17 ounces. The AirPods Max is larger in dimensions with a height of 7.37 inches, width and depth of 6.64 and 3.28 inches, and weighs 13.6 ounces. The AirPods Max embodies Apple’s minimalist design ethos. The oval-shaped ear cups and the U-shaped, inverted knit mesh headband showcase the company’s attention to comfort. The seamless integration of the digital crown and the absence of visible screws or joints make the AirPods Max look and feel like a cohesive unit.

Main Features

At the core of the Beats Studio Pro is the Beats Custom Acoustic Platform, which promises to deliver an immersive listening experience. The headphones’ earcups contain a unique 40mm driver renowned for minimizing distortion, even when the volume is cranked up, resulting in superior audio quality. Similarly, the AirPods Max has 40mm drivers for deep bass, accurate mid-range sounds, and clean high-frequencies. Both headphones feature Active Noise Cancelling and Transparency Mode, offering users the flexibility to either drown out the world or stay connected. The Beats Studio Pro headphones are equipped with powerful microphones that actively filter out background noise to enhance the clarity of your voice. Apple is more specific with AirPods Max, saying it has nine microphones in total, eight of which are used for Active Noise Cancellation and three of which are used for voice pickup.

Battery Life

The Beats Studio Pro boasts a remarkable battery life, ensuring users enjoy their favorite tunes without frequent interruptions. With a full charge, these headphones offer up to 40 hours of listening time without ANC or Transparency mode enabled. However, even if you’re using advanced features like Active Noise Cancelling or Transparency Mode, the Beats Studio Pro promises up to 24 hours of listening time. In contrast, the AirPods Max has up to 20 hours of listening time with ANC or Transparency mode turned on.

If you’re looking for headphones with advanced features, great sound quality, and impressive battery life, the Beats Studio Pro and AirPods Max both offer great options. [Check Prices for Beats Studio Pro]( and [AirPods Max](
Are you trying to decide between the Beats Studio Pro and AirPods Max? The Beats Studio Pro offers superior connectivity and versatility, plus an unbeatable price tag that is $200 cheaper than the AirPods Max. Additionally, the Beats Studio Pro offers up to 40 hours of listening time on a full charge compared to the AirPods Max’s 20 hours. Its integration with both Apple and Android devices ensures a smooth listening experience across platforms. Check out the [Apple AirPods Price Guide]( for the best sale prices and buy the Beats Studio Pro or AirPods Max [from Amazon]( or [from]( Read more about the features and differences between these two headphones from tech beat reporter [Andrew Orr](

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