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Apple Pursues Rollable iPhone Screen

  • Apple is actively pursuing the idea of an iPhone screen that can be rolled up when not in use.
  • A new patent application from Apple is less detailed but explains the concept of a rollable display.
  • The application mentions the use of sensors in the display, as well as protective layers to prevent damage.

Apple has been researching a rollable iPhone screen since at least 2017, and with a new patent application titled “Electronic Devices With Rollable Displays”, the company is still actively pursuing the idea. This patent application explains in broad terms what’s required for the concept, and how it could be achieved.

The application mentions the use of a transparent protective layer that may contain a layer of glass to help protect the display when rolled up. Additionally, the application mentions the use of strain gauges, capacitive force sensors, resistive force sensors, etc. that could be used.

The application also mentions the use of sensors in the display that could respond to gestures from the user, as well as protective polymer layers or other coatings to help prevent scratches. With the lead inventors of the application being Que Anh S Nguyen and Christopher D Jones, who have both researched ways to strengthen and detect damage in iPhone screens, the rollable display concept is still very much in Apple’s sights.

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