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Get Gorgeous Wallpapers for Your Apple Devices

  • Basic Apple Guy has built two stunning wallpapers for AppleInsider’s readers
  • Learn how to access the wallpapers and get them in full resolution
  • Customize your iPhone from top to bottom with our guide

Basic Apple Guy has created two gorgeous wallpapers for AppleInsider’s readers, and there’s now a dedicated place to get them at full resolution. The wallpapers are from Basic Apple Guy’s Commander series of work. The artwork for the devices is spread around the logo, making it great for Home Screen and Safari Start Page backgrounds. Additionally, there is a wallpaper designed with Lock Screens in mind, with space at the top and bottom to keep icons and controls easily visible.If you’re interested in customizing your iPhone, check out our guide on how to customize your device from top to bottom. Additionally, don’t forget to check out Basic Apple Guy’s blog for more wallpapers and artwork used on t-shirts, which can be ordered from Cotton Bureau.

This article was written by Wesley Hilliard, Assistant Editor, Podcast Cohost, SEO Specialist, and Social Media Manager for AppleInsider. Follow him on Twitter, Mastodon, and Threads.

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