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Stay Safe with Check In in iOS 17

  • Stay safe with the new Check In feature in iOS 17.
  • Your contacts will be automatically notified of your location.
  • Get peace of mind with real-time route tracking and emergency alerts.

Apple has introduced Check In, a helpful safety feature in iOS 17. It’s designed to keep your loved ones informed of your whereabouts and provide peace of mind. Instead of manually sending a message to let someone know you’ve reached a destination, “Check In” sends location data automatically. You can also trace your route in real-time and send alerts to your contacts if there are any deviations or delays.

To use Check In in Messages, open the conversation and tap the plus (+) button, choose More, and select Check In. You will have to decide between “Limited” or “Full” data-sharing access, and your contact will need to have iOS 17 for the feature to work. If you don’t reach your destination within the set time, your iPhone will prompt you to check if everything’s okay. If there is no response within 15 minutes, “Check In” will alert your contact.

The Check In feature in iOS 17 is a great way to ensure your safety and keep your contacts informed. With real-time route tracking and emergency alerts, you can have peace of mind and security while you travel.

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