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Power Up With Momax’s 100W 6-Port Charging Station

  • Keep your Apple gear humming with this portable power bank
  • Fast charge wirelessly with Qi-enabled devices
  • 6 USB-C and USB-A ports and up to 100W of power
  • Discount code available for Cult of Mac readers

The Momax 100W 6-Port Charging Station is the perfect device for keeping your Apple gear and other devices charged up. It offers 6 USB-C and USB-A ports, up to 100W of power, and fast wireless charging for Qi-enabled devices. Plus, Cult of Mac readers can get a 30% discount on the charging station using the code below.

The power station is able to charge up to seven devices at once, with each port varying in wattage depending on how many gadgets are connected. For example, the maximum power when one device is connected is 100W, but only 18W when seven devices are connected.

This sleek charging station is the perfect device to keep your gadgets going, whether it’s an iPhone, an iPad, an AirPods charging case or some other device. Get your Momax 100W 6-Port Charging Station now and keep your devices powered up.

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