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Meta’s Threads Continues to Struggle

  • Threads usage continues to fall from launch peak
  • Number of active users and time spent in the app is dropping
  • Four likely reasons behind the decline
  • Elon Musk is relieved that Twitter’s stats have held steady

It’s no surprise that usage of Meta’s Threads fell from the launch peak, as everyone wanted to check out the new kid on the block. But the bad news is that the number of active users – and time spent in the app – is continuing to fall.

The launch of Threads was brought forward to take advantage of rate-limiting on Twitter, which was frustrating many users, generating pent-up demand for an alternative to the growing problems on the platform. Threads set a new record when it managed to hit 100M users in just five days – beating even ChatGPT’s spectacular launch numbers.

According to a report by the _WSJ_, analytics data reveals a large fall in daily active users (DAU), and a much larger one in time spent using the app. Elon Musk is likely breathing a sigh of relief that Twitter’s own stats have held steady, at around 200M DAU, and the average time using the platform remains about 30 minutes a day.

There are four likely reasons behind the decline in Threads usage. One is that Meta hasn’t shown any interest in rushing out many of the features requested by early users, such as a chronological feed. Second is the problem of relatively few people being active on the platform. Third, the most active posters on Thread are brands, rather than individuals. Finally, an update to the iOS app caused a technical issue which has led to the rollout of the update being paused.

Overall, it’s clear that Threads still has a lot of work to do before it can become a serious challenger to Twitter.

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