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Twitter Chaos and the Possibility of a New App from Instagram

  • Elon Musk announced a limit to the number of tweets people could see daily.
  • Users sought respite in other social media platforms such as Mastodon and Blue Sky.
  • Data scientists and ex-Twitter employees believe this could be due to financial issues.

The weekend brought about an interesting development in the world of social media, as users were seeking respite from Twitter chaos. Elon Musk [announced]( that a limit would be imposed on the number of tweets people could see daily, and users began experiencing a “rate limit exceeded” notification. Many took to other social media apps such as [Mastodon]( and Blue Sky, though their servers were soon suffering from outages and login issues.

Data scientist and ex-Twitter employee Dur Rumman Chowdhury believes that financial issues may be the real problem. Speaking to the [BBC](, Chowdhury said it’s unclear if AI organizations had been scraping data from Twitter, but that it could be a factor.

The interesting development came when reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi [noted]( that an app called Threads, created by Facebook’s parent company Meta, had been released on the Play Store. The app is made to be a Twitter copycat, allowing users to follow the same people they follow on Instagram. Unfortunately, the app has been pulled from the store and those who have it cannot log in.

Whether or not Twitter will finally lose its user base is yet to be seen. It is possible that if the tweet limit issue continues and Instagram is ready to release Threads then Twitter may finally be dethroned. For now, BGR will keep following this tweet limit issue and when Meta plans to release this new app.

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