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Apple Pencil Alternatives – Are They Worth It?

  • Are cheaper Apple Pencil alternatives worth it?
  • Find out which Apple Pencil alternatives offer 95-99% of the Apple Pencil experience for a third of the price (or less)!
  • Discover one of the most unbeatable options for under $30!

The Apple Pencil 2 is still the best version of a digital pencil that Apple sells, but 3rd party competition has caught up in terms of functionality and cost. After testing countless Apple Pencil alternatives, the Penoval A4 pencil received high praise for being one of the most unbeatable options. It offers 15 hours of battery life, a 30-minute charge time, charge via USB-C, touch-sensitive top, magnetically attaches to iPad, palm rejection, lightweight, tilt sensitivity, different colors, and interchangeable tips for under $30. Additionally, it is compatible with a plethora of iPad models.

Another option is the EIP Pencil Pro, which is slightly more expensive at under $40. It offers 12 hours of battery life, quick charging, real-time power display with battery widget, magnetic wireless charging, palm rejection, tilt sensitivity, iPadOS gesture support, replaceable nibs, and idle shut off to save battery. It is compatible with all iPads that support Apple Pencil, and for those that don’t, it comes with a charging cradle. The double-tap shortcut and the M2 iPad Pro Hover feature are the two features missing.

Last but not least, the Apple Pencil 2 is still available for retail price of $119, but Amazon currently has it on sale for $89. It offers all the features, but for $90-$120, there are better options available.

For the best price-to-performance ratio, the EIP Pencil Pro is recommended. Let me know what you think of these Apple Pencil alternatives in the comments below.

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