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Managing Multiple Timers on iPhone with iOS 17

  • iOS 17 will give iPhone users the ability to set multiple timers at once
  • Multiple timers can be set by entering time, asking Siri, or tapping on presets
  • You can label the timers and set an alarm sound when the timer ends

The new ability to set multiple timers on iPhone with iOS 17 is an exciting development for many users. With the Clock app, users can now set timers by entering the hours, minutes and seconds, asking Siri, or tapping a preset time. It is also possible to label the timers and set an alarm sound when the timer ends.

To set the first timer, open the Clock app on iPhone and tap on Timers. You can then set the hours, minutes, and seconds and tap Start, or scroll down to see Recents and tap the Play button. You can also type a label for the timer and set a tone for when the timer ends.

For subsequent timers, you can tap the plus sign on the top right of the Clock’s Timers page. This will give you the same options as before, plus a section called Presets. Here you can find one minute, five minutes, ten minutes, and fifteen minutes, and more by swiping to the side. When you tap the preset, the timer will start and you can edit it to add a label or set the alarm tone.

You can also check the timers by asking Siri “check my oven timer”, and it will tell you how much time is left. If you have more than 49 timers, Siri will list them. The timers will also appear on the lock screen, with the timer due to finish first on top.

Written by William Gallagher, Apple Historian and Senior Editor. Follow him on Twitter [@WGallagher](, Facebook [William Gallagher](, LinkedIn [William Gallagher](, or visit his website [William Gallagher](

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