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Twelve South Debuts New Curve SE MacBook Stand

  • Twelve South is launching a new, more affordable addition to its lineup of MacBook stands
  • The new Curve SE is half the price of other models in the collection
  • The new stand offers a similar experience to the original Curve stand but without the adjustable height or angle

Twelve South today is launching a new, and more affordable addition to its lineup of MacBook stands. The new Curve SE arrives at the bottom of its current lineup, delivering the same ergonomic upgrade as some of the more premium models in the collection – just at half the price.

The new Twelve South Curve SE takes on a more affordable form-factor than either of the two higher-end solutions. There are a few ways that the new stand does this, but it really comes down to just two alterations. Before we get there, the new stand is like any other offering from the company. Twelve South is back at it again employing its usual premium build quality and that same, sleek design to prop up a MacBook at your desk.

As for what’s new this time around, Twelve South is delivering a design that is very similar to the original Curve stand. That model is currently being phased out, with the new SE model arriving to take its place in the spotlight. So form-factor wise, you’re looking at much of the same experience. But compared to the newer models, you are ditching any form of height adjustment, which is the first aspect that helps the company keep the price down.

The less noticeable adjustment to the Twelve South Curve SE this time around is that the company has changed the design of the original Curve and its single-piece construction. Twelve South has previously touted that its stands are made from just a single piece of aluminum, and now even that is being changed up to help keep costs down. For the new and more affordable MacBook stand, you’ll unbox three pieces that all clip together to form the actual accessory.

Combined, those two alterations let the Twelve South Curve SE clock in at half the price of other models in the current stable. The Flex by comparison sells for $80, while the flagship stand steps up to a $100 MSRP. That makes the $39.99 price tag of the new MacBook stand far more compelling for those who don’t need all the bells and whistles.

Now available for purchase, you can bring the Twelve South Curve SE to your workstation for $39.99. It’s listed both directly from Twelve South, as well as over on the brand’s official Amazon storefront.

Twelve South sent over one of the Curve SE stands for me to check out, and I’ve been using it over the past week. Throughout this entire review I feel as though I have been really honing in on the fact that this is a more affordable option compared to those higher-end models. But instead of looking at it like the cheap alternative to the stands you should actually buy, I have been quite enthused by just how good this is. Twelve South did make this a more entry-level solution, sure. But it didn’t ditch the usual premium we’ve come to expect.

All of that leads me to the new Curve SE being a go-to option to score a more affordable desktop accessory without giving up all of the usual Twelve South polishes. It may be 50% less than the next model up in the lineup, but Twelve South is hardly skimping out on the build quality. I would easily say that the company is making all the right compromises, delivering the stand that most users will gravitate towards for just $40.

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