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Glenn Beck Podcast Removed from Apple Podcasts

  • The Glenn Beck Program has been removed from Apple Podcasts due to a technical issue.
  • Glenn Beck took to Twitter to ask Apple why his show was removed.
  • The issue likely stems from the podcast’s oversized RSS feed.

Glenn Beck’s podcast, The Glenn Beck Program, was removed from Apple Podcasts on Wednesday. Beck took to Twitter to ask why his show was removed and Apple provided an email stating the issue must be resolved before the podcast will be returned to the distribution network.

It appears the issue is a technical one, and not a political one, as the RSS feed for The Glenn Beck Program is more than 11 megabytes. Historically, Apple flags RSS files that exceed 5MB, which is likely why the show was removed.

Apple didn’t provide an exact reason as to why Beck’s podcast was removed, and Beck himself noted that the show didn’t have any strikes against it. Other similar programs such as Bill O’Reilly’s show and Charlie Kirk’s show haven’t been impacted, and both have smaller RSS feeds. Beck also admits that the removal is most likely “just a glitch”.

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