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watchOS 9.6.1 Update Fixes Movement Disorder API

  • Apple Watch users can now access a fix for the Movement Disorder API with the release of watchOS 9.6.1.
  • The API is able to monitor two common symptoms of Parkinson’s, including Tremors and Dyskinesia.
  • The update is now available in the Apple Watch companion app or the Settings app on the Apple Watch.

Apple is rolling out watchOS 9.6.1, a new software update to Apple Watch users, ahead of watchOS 10’s launch in September. The update includes a fix for an issue that was preventing access to motion data for apps that use the Movement Disorder API to track tremors and symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease.

The Movement Disorder API was first launched in 2018 and enables developers to offer passive, all-day monitoring via an Apple Watch. The API is able to detect shaking and quivering associated with Tremors, as well as fidgeting and swaying motions associated with Dyskinesia, a side-effect of treatments for Parkinson’s.

The bug in watchOS 9.6 has now been rectified with the release of watchOS 9.6.1. The build number for watchOS 9.6.1 is 20U80. At the moment, there is no news of other updates from Apple, including iOS 16 and macOS Ventura.

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