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Apple Working on Hardware Change to Improve Cooling in iPhone 16

  • Apple had to implement an iOS fix to solve iPhone 15 overheating problems.
  • A leaker suggests Apple may make two changes to improve cooling in next year’s iPhone 16 line-up.
  • Apple denied hardware problems, issued software fix.

Apple Reportedly Working on Graphene Cooling System for iPhone 16

In the months leading up to the iPhone 15 launch, there were concerns about the phone’s tendency to overheat. These worries were confirmed after the device’s release, with many users reporting that their iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max models were getting excessively hot.

Apple responded to these concerns by releasing an iOS 17 update that addressed some of the software-related issues that were contributing to overheating. However, some users continued to report problems, suggesting that hardware changes might also be necessary.

Now, two months after the iPhone 15 launch, a new rumor suggests that Apple is working on a graphene cooling system for the iPhone 16 series. This would be a significant step forward, as graphene is a material with exceptional thermal conductivity.

iOS Fix for iPhone 15 Overheating

Apple initially attributed the overheating issues to a bug in iOS 17 and some third-party apps using up the processor. The company subsequently released an iOS fix to address these software-related issues, which did alleviate the overheating problems for some users.

Hardware Improvements for iPhone 16

Despite Apple’s insistence that the iPhone 15 overheating issue was not hardware related, a prototype collector known as Kosutami claims that the company is working on two hardware improvements for the iPhone 16 to enhance passive cooling. These improvements include:

  • Graphene thermal system: Graphene is a material with exceptional thermal conductivity, four times better than copper. Replacing the copper heatsink with a graphene-based solution could significantly improve heat dissipation.
  • Metal shell battery for Pro series: The Pro series models of the iPhone 16 are rumored to feature a metal shell around the battery. This could further enhance thermal conductivity and facilitate more efficient heat dissipation.

Benchmark Evidence and Plausibility of Hardware Changes

Benchmarks support Apple’s claim that the iPhone 15 overheating problem was primarily a software issue. However, the reported hardware improvements for the iPhone 16 are certainly plausible. Graphene’s superior thermal conductivity makes it an ideal material for cooling applications, and a metal shell battery could further enhance heat dissipation.

Prototype Collector’s Track Record

While many of the prototypes obtained by Kosutami are for older or abandoned products, they have also managed to secure some for upcoming products, lending credibility to their claims. Their track record suggests that the information about the iPhone 16’s hardware improvements may be accurate.


While it is still too early to say definitively whether or not Apple is working on a graphene cooling system for the iPhone 16, the rumor is certainly plausible. The combination of software optimization and hardware improvements could significantly address the overheating issues that plagued the iPhone 15.

We will continue to monitor this story closely and provide updates as more information becomes available.

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