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Apple TV Gets a Major Update with VPN and Video Conferencing Support

  • Apple announced tvOS 17 with FaceTime, Control Center, and a Find My Siri remote function.
  • ExpressVPN and Zoom now have apps available on Apple TV.
  • ExpressVPN allows 4K and HD streaming and access from 105 countries.
  • Zoom app allows users to join and start meetings, have HD video and audio, and more.

A Deep Dive for Loyal Apple TV Enthusiasts

Apple TV Just Got Even More Awesome: A Deep Dive for Loyal Apple TV Enthusiasts
Apple’s latest tvOS 17.2 beta update brings exciting changes to the beloved Apple TV app, making it a haven for enthusiastic Apple users like us! Get ready to navigate with ease, discover hidden gems, and dive deeper into the content you love.

A Streamlined Sidebar for Effortless Navigation:
Gone are the days of scrolling endlessly. The new sidebar acts as your personal content concierge, housing dedicated sections for:

• Search: Find anything with a snap!
• Watch Now: Pick up where you left off or discover new shows based on your viewing habits.
• Apple TV+: Immerse yourself in Apple’s award-winning originals.
• MLS Season Pass: Catch every thrilling moment of Major League Soccer, exclusively on Apple TV.
• Sports: Stay glued to the action with live games and highlights.
• Store: Rent or purchase movies and shows to build your personal library.
• Library: All your purchased and rented content, neatly organized for easy access.

Channels and Apps: A World of Entertainment at Your Fingertips:
Need a laugh? Craving a documentary? Dive into the dedicated “Channels and Apps” section, where your favorite streaming services like Hulu, ESPN, and Prime Video live. Tap into any channel to browse curated content and personalized suggestions. It’s like having your own mini-cable package, tailored just for you!

Up Next, Reinvented:
Your trusty “Up Next” queue is still there, but now it’s joined by a brand new “My TV” section. This personalized space showcases TV suggestions from various networks, ensuring you never miss out on the next must-watch episode. And don’t worry, your favorite channels haven’t vanished – they’re now conveniently grouped in the “Channels and Apps” section.

A Unified Store for Movies and TV Shows:
Say goodbye to separate tabs! The Store section now presents movies and TV shows in a seamless flow, making browsing and discovery even more intuitive. Find hidden gems, revisit old classics, and pre-order upcoming releases – all within a single, user-friendly interface.

Beyond Entertainment: VPNs and Video Conferencing Arrive on tvOS:
Get ready to redefine your Apple TV experience! ExpressVPN grants you access to streaming content from 105 countries, letting you break down geographical barriers and explore a world of entertainment. And with Zoom now available on tvOS, you can host or join meetings with stunning HD video and audio. Imagine: crystal-clear group calls, captivating presentations, and an epic movie night – all from the comfort of your living room!

The Future is Bright for Apple TV:
These changes are just the beginning. With tvOS 17.2, Apple has laid the groundwork for an even more exciting future. Expect a constant stream of new apps, innovative features, and personalized experiences that cater to your unique viewing habits.

Loyal Apple TV enthusiasts, buckle up! We’re in for a wild ride of seamless navigation, endless entertainment, and groundbreaking experiences. The beloved Apple TV just got a whole lot more awesome, and we’re here for every incredible moment.

So, Let’s raise our Siri Remotes and toast to the future of Apple TV – a future brimming with endless possibilities, all accessible from the comfort of our living rooms – or home office.

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