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Saving Battery Life on Your iPhone

  • Learn how to save battery life and improve the health of your iPhone
  • Former Apple employee shares battery-saving tricks
  • Find out which ones work best for your iPhone model

Battery life has always been a top concern when buying a new iPhone. Most people have experienced battery anxiety, but it’s possible to improve battery life and health. A former Apple employee shared his battery life tricks on social media and many are simple to implement.

Tyler Morgan posted a popular short clip on social media covering the iPhone battery tricks. His suggestions include not charging to 100%, not charging overnight, reducing background activity, turning down screen brightness, see more below.

  • Do not charge overnight
  • Charge it to 80% (a feature restricted to the iPhone 15 Pro models)
  • Turn off background activity for some apps
  • Turn off or limit location services for some apps
  • Turn down the screen brightness or set it to automatic
  • Turn off Raise to Wake
  • Set auto-lock to 1 minute
  • Turn off “Hey Siri”
  • Limit Frame Rate to 60Hz (on iPhone Pro models that support ProMotion)

If you’ve been following iPhone-related coverage, you may have heard of these battery-saving tips before.  It’s important to note that these settings can impact your iPhone experience, so it’s important to decide which ones to use and when.

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