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Understanding Apple Watch’s Cardio Recovery feature and how to track it

  • Learn what Cardio Recovery is and why it’s important
  • Discover what good Cardio Recovery numbers are
  • Find out how to track and improve Cardio Recovery with Apple Watch

Cardio Recovery, previously known as heart rate recovery, is a crucial health metric measured by Apple Watch after every workout. It provides insights into how quickly your heart rate decreases after exercise, offering a glimpse into your heart health and the function of your autonomic nervous system.

Studies have shown that good Cardio Recovery numbers, such as a drop of 13 bpm or more after one minute, or 22 bpm or more after two minutes, are indicative of normal and healthy recovery. To accurately track Cardio Recovery, it’s important to end your workout recording promptly and avoid cooldown activities that may skew the readings. Apple Watch automatically tracks Cardio Recovery, and the feature can be viewed in the Heart Rate app on the watch or in the Health app on the iPhone. Additionally, various lifestyle factors such as sleep quality, hydration, diet, and stress management can contribute to improving Cardio Recovery.

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